Séamas Mac annaidh

ARTISTS NAME/ COMPANY/ PROFESSION: Seamas Mac Annaidh Writer and Storyteller ADDRESS: 10, Crom Cruaich Way Beal Cú Co. Fhear Manach BT93 5EU EMAIL: smccanny@hotmail.com PHONE: 02866386977 MOBILE PHONE: 07594331681 WEBSITE: LINK TO YOUTUBE/MYSPACE/EILE: PHOTO(S): SOUND FILE IF NECESSARY: DESCRIPTION OF YOUR WORK, AGE GROUPS, EXPERIENCE, QUALIFICATIONS: Around 20 books written; 6 novels and 2 collections of short stories in Irish; History book in English. Happy to do writing workshops for adults or school pupils. As a storyteller I can facilitate groups of varying ages from very young to old. ARE YOU HAPPY TO TRAVEL, IF SO HOW FAR? Happy to travel anywhere and overseas DO YOU HAVE GARDA CLEARANCE (26 COUNTIES)/BASIC DISCLOSURE NÓ DAT1 AGAT (6 COUNTIES)? YES NO