You are asked to fill in this short survey it should only take a few minutes, there are only 7 questions to answer. In 2011, POBAL started to put into affect the first three years of our strategy to develop the Irish language arts. This has now been completed.


We focussed on the following needs;


  1. Identifying the gaps in funding and support for Irish language artists

2Building new audiences for the Irish language arts

  1. Raising the profile of the Irish language arts and the language itself

Building skills and capacity within the Irish language arts sector



  • We established a new web site for the Irish language arts ( to showcase and focus on Irish language arts and provide information and contact numbers for Irish language artists and providers
  • Education: we organised events on the needs of Irish Medium Schools and brought together an expert working group to prepare a business case for a pilot scheme for the Gaelscoileanna
  • We provided a range of drama and literature workshops to schools to raise attainment and focus on literacy.
  • We developed a contemporary rock school, Cuisle an Cheoil now in its second year.
  • We raised the profile of Irish through a range of festivals and through arts work with ethnic minorities and other communities.
  • Government bodies, Councils, NGOs, Arts organisations have become aware of the need to recognise and strengthen Irish language arts as a result of our lobbying and submissions to various art strategy documents.

Here is the link below:

  2014 Ceistneoir POBAL Eis 1