About us


This website is especially for Irish language arts, facilitated by POBAL.


Irish language Arts

What are Irish language arts? Any Art form that is practiced through the medium of Irish, whether that is a traditional art form or contemporary, it is recognised as an Irish language art.

Content of this site

There is a lot of information on this site already about Irish language arts and anything connected to them, but it is our intention to increase the breadth and wealth of this information as it is received.

Anybody with an interest in Irish language arts will reap the benefits of this website. Here are some of the subjects available;

  • Events: Information about Irish language arts events.
  • Reviews: A critique of Irish language arts.
  • Schools section: Help and encouragement for school pupils.
  • Tourism: Tourist information connected to Irish language arts.
  • Artistic showcases.
  • Archive: Information about arts from the past.